Cloud Applications

Access your application in a rollable OLED screen thats hanged on a car mirror or Kitchen fridge or Power a iron man suit function or Run you entire business on the go.
Work with us to create a your life easy cloud applications.

Business Applications

Purchase order in China, Prodcution entry in India , Invoice in Sri Lanka and Check the business performance in Dubai, Handling your projects at home, Apply leave from hospital.
We do decision making & business benefitting applications.

Website & Ecommerce

Sell your products to a customer in Nigeria from North Korea. Let a customer order at midnight 12 'o clock. Showcase your business in the virtual space.
Build your website with CMS and eCommerce system with us.

Latest Readymade IT Solutions

We provide powerful and flexible business IT solution for SME and Larger Enterprises that integrate “ People, Products & Profits ”. Our IT solutions, simplyfy your process flow and increase the productivity. With our five years of experience, we bring extensive functionality without the complexity.

Retail / Restaurent / Business POS

Isn't it amazing to generate your sales receipt with a tab & print it or Customer print their own bill with the self checkout touch device or Generating your food receipt within just 5 clicks.

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Just a click away for your automated Attendance report and Salary slip, Simply apply for leave from home, Easily manage your employee profiles and Get a complete projection of your human resource activities

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It will be the mirror of your business. Sales Order to Sales Invoice & Delivery Note, Purchase Order to GRN and will tell the story of Inventory. Story continues with the Payments & Receivings, Reports and Indicators.

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What if you complete the projects with less than 5% error and finish as planned. Its just made easy with Discussions, Task & Calendar, Collaborate & Comments, Document, Time Sheet, Estimate & Invoice & Reports.

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